Sunday, July 24, 2011

it's been a while

yep and now i'm going tap tap tap on my mobile phone instead of type type type on the keyboard. maybe i can also call this mobile blogging but i think the real sense of the term mobile blogging is when you get to use an actual app to blog. guilty! i did download an app that i've yet to try so i'll just rely on good old Safari and make do of all the default settings in Blogger. since i have some time to spare while waiting for my princess to come out from her ballet class. there is really no point in this entry except that i have neglected blogging so much given how my life has changed drastically when i moved to Singapore last year. plus the fact that i came here alone then hubby followed and at last my daughter. next month we'll be experiencing our next National Day here. wow! can you believe it? time flies so fast. and oh yeah, i did neglet blogging. so i hope i can sustain this since my mobile phone is telling me it's possible to blog anywhere and anytime. watch out for some major typos though!

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